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Calls We Deliver

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Tracking for each phone call

The engine providing profit

Trackable marketing results

DialMedical™ Dashboard

We Deliver Calls
It's a promise you can track


Review incoming calls we deliver
Distinguish new patients from existing
Listen to Incoming Calls (recorded)
Monitor incoming webforms
Review Ranking & Traffic
Monitor User demographics

Our Doctors Love
Calls We Deliver


DialMedical™ Product Highlights

  • Website


    Beautiful High Performing
    Websites Built to Convert

    Stun your viewers with exquisitely designed websites & attractive branding. Getting appointments has never been easier.

  • Ranking


    Target ROI Focused Keywords
    for Google Search

    Narrow down what are your successful keywords, who is clicking on them, and which ones yield the highest number of new patient inquiries. Filter by Sessions, Page Views, Users, Bounce Rate, and Session Duration.

  • Branding


    Identify with Patients
    & Build your Brand

    Delivering effective brand strategies that Practices a major edge in competitive markets. We figure out how, what, where, when, and to whom you need to be communicating and delivering your brand messages.

  • Reviews


    Maintain a Positive
    Online Reputation

    9 out of 10 customers read reviews before making a purchasing decision. We combat negative search content and suppresses unwanted material by promoting positive content that you control. Get reviews from your existing patients fast with our streamlined contact process and form. We direct your patients to your social profiles in a stepped out process that gets you reviews!

  • Social Media


    Get New Traffic by Leveraging
    Facebook & Instagram

    Original patient education content is posted to your social media profiles to generate general interest in your medical treatments and services. We build an organic social media following that begins to funnel traffic to your website.

Highly Available and Completely Secure

Nothing matters more than your practice's website reliability, so our team watches over your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Daily Website Backups

  • Consistent server maintenance

  • Closed vulnerability with Secure File Transfer Protocol

  • Dedicated IT staff monitoring our systems

Medical Solutions For

Outpatient Services


Urgent Care Centers

Patient Access Services

Laboratory Services

Specialty Clinic

Emergency Departments

Walk-in Clinics

Cancer Centers

Surgery Centers

Ambulatory Services


EMR/HL7 Integration

DialMedical™ is HL7 compatible and can be integrated into your EMR, scheduling, ADT or other practice
management systems to reduce data entry.

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