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AGx DNA - Personalized Medicine Targeted to Help You Lose Weight, Prevent Aging & Improve Your Fitness Performance

With the combination of our comprehensive genetic evaluations, personalized recommendations, and continued support, you’re sure to reach your goals faster and with less trial and error.

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Our Online Wellness Tests are the Solutions You’ve Been Looking For

How it Works

Step 1
You Send Us Your DNA Sample

We collect and analyze a sample of your DNA. It’s easy and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Simply use the collection materials provided in your kit to perform a cheek swab and send it back to us in the pre-paid package.

Step 2
We Provide Comprehensive Results

Within 2-3 weeks, we'll provide you with an online custom-made report complete with specific details about your genetic makeup, along with personalized recommendations and solutions to help you achieve the results you seek based on your unique DNA.

Step 3
We Give You All the Support You Need

We will continue to support you with additional resources to help you reach your goals. Through our online comprehensive resource library, you’ll be able to access hundreds of videos and articles for your specific genotype.

Clinical Genetics

Advanced Genetic Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of genetic tests, which analyze specific genetic markers to allow for better customization, more targeted results and personalized healthcare management. We offer a variety of advanced clinical diagnostic tests for physicians, making cutting-edge precision medicine a reality for their patients.

Hereditary Cancer Screening

Do you have a family history of one of these cancers: Breast, Ovarian, Colorectal, Endometrial, Pancreas, Prostate, Stomach, or Skin Cancers?

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Hereditary Carrier Screening

Do you know that roughly 80% of all recessive disease occur in families with no known family history? Protect your family by...

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Do you know that not every patient has the same response to the same medicine? The PGX test provides key information on the ...

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Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening

This simple blood test detects the most common chromosomal abnormalities during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Respiratory Pathogen Panel Test (RPP)

With our respiratory pathogen test, patients can determine if they have an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection so that they can ...

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Your Privacy is Our Responsibility,
We Don't Take it Lightly

At Advanced Genetic Solutions, your privacy is our top priority and we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all of our testing and services.

We will never sell or share your information to any third party without your consent. To prevent unauthorized access to your information, our systems are run on HIPAA-compliant architecture, employing secure servers, firewalls and encrypted back-ups.